Skin friendly jewellery

Here you will find the answers to common questions about skin friendly jewellery.

What should I bear in mind after having replaced the piercing earrings with normal earrings?

It takes up to a year before the holes are completely healed. Hence consider the following:

  • Always wear earrings. If you go without, the holes can shrink and/or close completely.

  • Take extra care when changing earrings. The skin that has grown within the holes is still thin and delicate and can easily tear, which may cause an infection. Therefore, always make sure to wash your earrings and your hands before the change, and make sure that the area around the holes is kept clean, dry and airy. If you use earrings with earring backs, these should not be pressed tightly against the back of the ear.

  • The risk for developing a contact allergy is at its greatest during the first year. This is why it is extra important to wear safe earrings during this time. In consultation with skin specialists, Blomdahl has developed skin friendly jewellery suitable for everybody and especially for those who have just pierced their ears.

Why should I choose skin friendly jewellery from Blomdahl?

  • Contact allergies can develop at any time in life and you can for example become allergic to nickel if you use jewellery containing nickel. Approximately 15 percent of all women suffer from nickel allergy.

  • Although nickel allergy is the most common type of contact allergy, jewellery can contain many other allergens, such as cobalt, gold, epoxies and acrylates. They may also contain toxic, carcinogenic or otherwise unhealthy substances, such as lead, cadmium, formaldehyde, phthalates and bisphenol A (BPA).

  • Blomdahl skin friendly jewellery is developed in consultation with skin specialists to be suitable for everyone who wants to avoid contact allergies and other health risks. We use only the safest materials. Therefore, Blomdahl is recommended for children and adults who want to be able to wear jewellery every day, without having to worry about their skin and health.

How should I care for my jewellery?

  • Remember to handle your skin friendly jewellery carefully. That way it will stay beautiful for longer. When you are not using your jewellery, protect it by keeping it in its packaging.

  • Remove your jewellery when showering. Avoid exposing your jewellery to makeup, hair care products, alcohol and other chemicals.

  • In order for your jewellery to retain its lustre, remove and clean it with uncoloured soapy water as often as possible. For earrings made out of medical plastic, this also means that the earring backs will be more secure.

  • Earrings made out of medical plastic are usually quite resistant, yet the posts, hooks and pendants are soft and need to be handled carefully.

  • In order to make the titanium earring backs tighter and therefore more secure, press the loops of the earring back slightly together before use.

Why is all jewellery from Blomdahl delivered in hygienic packaging?

  • In order to guarantee that you are the first person to come into contact with your new jewellery, we deliver it in what we call a "Clean Pack"where the label acts as a seal, keeping it hygienic until you open it.

What does nickel-safe/nickel-tested/nickel-free mean?

  • Even if jewellery is marked nickel-safe/nickel-tested/nickel-free, it does not mean that it is entirely free of nickel. This is because nickel is present in virtually all metals, sometimes as a mixed in ingredient and sometimes in the state of pollution.

  • The EU Nickel Directive (2004/96/EC) limits the amount of nickel that jewellery is allowed to leak. However, even if these guidelines are being followed, people who are extra sensitive are still at risk of developing nickel allergy.

  • If you use Blomdahl you will not have to worry about nickel, cadmium, lead or any other harmful substances. Our jewellery is developed in consultation with skin specialists to be suitable for everyone, even those who suffer from allergies.


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